29 de agosto de 2013

Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE Concept coming to Frankfurt

Peugeot is going to bring many new cars to Frankfurt. The latest new model is the 208 HYbrid FE, a concept car that wants to keep the performance of the regular 208, and improve the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to never before seen values. This is a hard task, but Peugeot believes they managed to do it.

This concepts utilizes a three-cylinder, 1.2-liter petrol engine that produces 68PS (68bhp or 50kW), and an electric motor with 41PS (40bhp or 30kW) and 30Nm (22lb/ft) that is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery pack. To match the performances of the 208 with the 1.0-liter engine, this concept reaches 100km/h (62mph) in 8 seconds, has a an average fuel consumption of 2.0l/100km (141.2 UK mpg or 117.6 USA mpg), and emits just 49g/km of CO2.

To help achieve those figures Peugeot also cut a low of weight from the car. Peugeot replaced a few body panels made from metal with those made out of composite components like carbon fiber. Even the door windows use polycarbonate to help reduce the weight by 5kg (11lbs).

Another solution adopted was to improve the aerodynamics of this small vehicle. The side mirrors were replaced by cameras, the rear track is narrower by 40mm, the 19-inch alloy wheels have carbon aerodynamic flaps, besides many other less noticeable improvements.

Source: Peugeot