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8 de setembro de 2013

Volkswagen reveals the Golf Sportsvan concept

Volkswagen is bringing to the Frankfurt Motor Show the Golf Sportsvan concept, a car that is close to the production version of the Golf Plus. And it grew a lot, compared to the previous model, but it is smaller than the Estate. The length in comparison to the to Plus increased by 134mm, to 4,338mm.

20 de agosto de 2013

And here it is, the 300PS Volkswagen Golf R

This didn't take long. One day after Volkswagen showed the first teaser, the new Golf R gets its official reveal. And it is a little bit disappointing. I know Volkswagen has a very conservative approach to their cars, but the new R is in the top of the range in the Golf lineup and deserved a more aggressive styling. But i will let you comment on the darkened LED headlamps and tail lights, redesigned bumpers, and the new 18-inch wheels (with optional 19-inch wheels).

19 de agosto de 2013

Volkswagen teases the new Golf R, Will it have 300PS? [HQ Picture]

This was unexpected. With so many new cars having their official reveal scheduled for September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it surprises me that Volkswagen is now starting to tease the Golf R. That is exactly why i believe it will be revealed in Frankfurt, supposedly with 300PS (296bhp or 221kW).

2 de março de 2013

2013 Volkswagen Golf Variant revealed. Will be at the Geneva Motor Show

Another day, another car got revealed on the web before the official presentation. This time it was the Volkswagen Golf Variant that got an leaked to the web but to our sadness it is pretty much a longer version of the normal Golf. Even the bumpers are the same.

27 de fevereiro de 2013

Volkswagen will also present the Golf GTI in Geneva.

Volkswagen recently announced they were going to publicly display the Golf GTD at the Geneva Motor Show, and today we found out the GTI will also make an appearance in Geneva. The seventh generation Golf will have for the first time a GTI version with two power levels.

21 de fevereiro de 2013

Volkswagen also revealed today the new Golf VII GTD

While we are still waiting for the production version of the Golf GTI, Volkswagen decided it was time to first show the fastest diesel version of the German hatchback, the GTD. Volkswagen also confirmed the GTD will have its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.