12 de agosto de 2013

Seems the Toyota Hybrid-R concept isn't the new Supra, but a special Yaris

This is a sad day. When half the world thought that Toyota was going to show the successor to the Supra, we find out that the Hybrid-R is just a special version of the Yaris. Well, "just" is a little unfair, because the hybrid powertrain, based on the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans race car, generates over 400PS (395bhp or 294kW).

Not much is known for now, but we will see it at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and you can read the full press release below.
Toyota Hybrid-R concept gets closer to Frankfurt debut
At the forthcoming 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota will present its exciting new Hybrid-R concept.

Based on an existing production model, and featuring a hybrid system that combines a low-capacity, high-power internal combustion engine with electric motors to give a combined maximum power output of more than 400 hp, the Hybrid-R concept features similar technology from the TS030 and comes with the addition of a dual mode control to make it suitable for both Road and Track.

The Toyota Press Conference will take place at 12:45 on Sept 10th in Hall 8.
Source: Toyota