23 de agosto de 2013

What company made this car? Mystery Concept inside

A picture of a supposed concept car appeared online on twitter and it got me confused. First, the image is accompanied by a short text which reads as follows: "A surprising makeover from this car brand. We got an early glimpse of their latest offering. What do you think?", meaning this probably isn't made by a independent design company or a student.

Then, we notice the car has a little bit of a Volvo, which is due to introduce the S80 replacement. But looking even closer, it also reminds us a model from Citroen/DS, possibly the C5 or the DS6/DS9. The other option is that we are all getting fooled.

For now we can only speculate. But feel free to tell us what you think.

Source: Wallpaper* magazine twitter via Carscoops