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4 de setembro de 2013

The Volkswagen Cross Lavida gets revealed.

The Lavida is a compact car that is only sold in the Chinese market. The second generation was introduced this year, and now it is time to reveal the cross-themed variant of the Volkswagen Gran Lavida (which is the station wagon). This type of vehicles are highly appreciated by Chinese drivers even if they don't actually leave the city.

15 de maio de 2013

BMW 5-Series facelift caught in China

In March, we had already seen the facelift of the BMW 5 Series during a photo shoot. A few days ago, the German brand inadvertently revealed the 2014 model in the brand's online configurator, and today a few images appeared from China showing, with a better quality, fresh images of this improved car.

12 de maio de 2013

Will Jaguar introduce a longer version of the XJ in China?

I have said it several times, but many of the cars that are patented in China end up see their patents revealed, and once again this is what happened, this time with Jaguar. What we have here is a a stretched version of the luxurious flagship sedan, XJ. that also has a higher roof.

1 de maio de 2013

Volkswagen Taigun got leaked in China through a few patent drawings

China is a country that is not very fond of patents and keeping stuff secret, and to prove that here are the first images of the soon to be introduced Volkswagen Taigun. We already know the overall shape of this small crossover, because Volkswagen introduced the Taigun Concept at the São Paulo Motor Show, and they are similar.

7 de abril de 2013

Renault Koleos gets a facelift. Caught testing in China

Most of you probably never heard of the Renault Koleos, also known as the Renault Samsung QM5 in South Korea, but this compact SUV is sold sold in countries like China, India and Russia achieving some success in some of those countries. The current model was introduced in 2011 but as we can see from these pictures taken in China it seems Renault is preparing a facelift for the Koleos.

27 de janeiro de 2013

Saab will continue to produce the 9-3

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) saved Saab from bankruptcy last year and promised to debut an electric vehicle in about 18 months with the name Saab, but it can't use the griffin logo because it is also used by Scania and Saab Aerospace Group. Now plans have been changed. While the company still wants to build electric vehicles they will first resume the production of the "old" 9-3 to prepare the company, economically and industrially, for the new electric Saab.

6 de janeiro de 2013

Short News: China will overtake Europe in automobile production

In reality this is not something unexpected, China is one of, if not the largest emerging market in the world, so it was expected that one day the number of cars produced in the world's most populous country with about 1.34 billion people, surpass those produced in Europe.

28 de dezembro de 2012

Volvo XC60 facelift revealed in China

It seems that the Chinese automobile market is entitled to have the majority of updates before all other countries, and once again it happened with the facelift of the Volvo XC60.

25 de dezembro de 2012

Fiat Panda and Panda 4x4 coming to China!

The Pandas are coming and i don't mean the bear but the small car from the Italian company. Fiat intends to patent the Panda 4x4 and Panda in the Chinese market so production can be begin by the new Guangzhou-Fiat joint venture.

9 de dezembro de 2012

Audi R8 China Edition

We all known that the Chinese market is the market you want to be and because of that more and more companies are creating specially made products to please potential buyers in the People’s Republic of China.

4 de dezembro de 2012

Is this the Chinese version of the new Land Rover Defender, based on the DC100 concept? No, just a copy from BAIC

Seems someone in China, in particular in BAIC, really liked the DC100 Concept which was released a few months ago by Land Rover and decided they should do something similar.