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11 de fevereiro de 2020

New spy photo of the facelifted VW Tiguan appears online

With the facelifted version of the Tiguan coming later this years, Volkswagen is hard testing the new mechanical and aerodynamic parts. Here you do you have one of the clearest pictures yet of how the new Tiguan will look like.

Maruti Suzuki reveals the facelifted Ignis

While the probability of seeing this on our roads is very slim, this cute little boy deserves some attention since it's trying to go the SUV route and bring new weapons to the small car fight.

9 de outubro de 2013

Opel refreshes the Meriva

With the second generation Meriva reaching half of its lifetime, Opel decided to slightly freshen the look of it and add a few new things. The most obvious change happens at the front. It now features a new face, similar to the one premiered with the Insignia, with a larger chromed front grille and a new design for the lights with LED technology.

6 de setembro de 2013

Renault gives a facelift to the Mégane

Renault decided it was time for the Mégane to receive a facelift. The largest changes occurred in the front, while the rest of the car remains more or less the same. It now has a new front that follows the same design seen in more recent models and concepts. The Mégane R.S. and GT have a sportier front-end design.

2 de setembro de 2013

Alfa Romeo refreshes the Giulietta

This was a highly anticipated facelift. While it still is a beautiful car, even the most diehard supporters of the Italian brand agreed that the interior was something less than desirable in relation to the materials used. Alfa Romeo knew this, so they did a lot to change that and bring it to another level.

31 de agosto de 2013

The facelift of the Land Rover Discovery appears online

While I can not guarantee the veracity of these images, the source is trustworthy. In these patent drawings we see for the first time the final look of the upcoming Land Rover Discovery, even if the changes are small. From what i can see the headlamps, front grille, front bumper and wheels are the only parts that are new or redesigned.

The Peugeot 5008 also gets a facelift

Peugeot is on fire. First they showed the 308 R, then the 3008, after that the 208 Hybrid FE, and now they revealed the facelifted 5008. The biggest changes happened on the front of this compact MPV, which now follows the same design language used by more recent models of the French car manufacturer, like the 208 and 308.

28 de agosto de 2013

Dacia officially reveals the updated Duster

The upgraded Dacia Duster features a new front end, with a "redesigned grille, adorned by two chrome-plated strips and housing a new, lower-set air intake and new double-optic headlights with daytime running lights". Other changes include the Duster-labeled roof bars with slatted supports, 16-inch “Dark Metal” alloy wheels and “Mud and Snow” tires.

27 de agosto de 2013

Peugeot reveals the facelifted 3008 and 3008 HYbrid4

Some time ago, Peugeot revealed the facelift of the Chinese 3008, and at that time we thought this was coming to Europe, but it seems that isn't true. Peugeot made several changes that give it a unique appearance as compared to the Chinese model, at least in relation to the front, the rest is a different story.

4 de agosto de 2013

Hyundai teases the 2014 Elantra (Avante) facelift

The highly successful Hyundai Elantra, also known as Avante in South Korea, will have its facelift revealed. Several camouflaged cars have been spotted testing in South Korea, so the official presentation is getting near, but for now we only get to see a dark picture of the front of the 2014 model.

31 de julho de 2013

Seems someone leaked the Chevrolet Orlando facelift

Passed only two years since the Chevrolet Orlando is for sale, the U.S. company is already preparing a facelift for the Orlando. The leak seems to have come from South Korea, due to what we see in the images below, but it makes sense because the Chevrolet Orlando is built in that Asian country (It isn't even sold in the U.S.A.).

23 de junho de 2013

Is this the facelift the Volkswagen Tiguan?

The Tiguan has been on the market for many years and it is time to undergo a makeover. It seems that is what we have here. This picture appeared on a Russian website without any description, but from what i can see there are several large and obvious changes made to this CUV (crossover utility vehicle).

17 de junho de 2013

Suzuki gives a small facelift to the Swift

Here's something curious. As you may know, most car manufacturers have web pages specifically designed for a certain country, and these pages are managed by different people. Occasionally something goes wrong and a new model or a facelift ends up getting revealed through one of these websites. This is what happened with the Swift and Sukuzi's Belgium page.

12 de junho de 2013

Opel shows the facelifted Insignia

What you have here is the new Opel Insignia that will have its world premiere at the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show which will begin on September 12. The look of the car was already known, since we had already seen the Buick Regal which is basically the brother of the Insignia, but the German car manufacturer made many substantial changes to the cars interior and engine lineup.

4 de junho de 2013

Nissan refreshes the Europen version of the Micra [Video]

A few months ago, Nissan showed the facelift of the March, which is the European version of the Micra, and today we get to see for the first time the official images of the upgraded Micra. There are a few changes between the Micra and the March, besides the obvious changes compared to the previous model.

1 de junho de 2013

The 2014 Chevrolet Malibu has a new face

The Chevrolet Malibu is an unloved car. Considered trite, it never had great sales. So this facelift was more than expected, transforming it in a much more interesting product. The main changes happened in the front but the interior also got a new design, and in specific the center console.

18 de maio de 2013

New image of the BMW 5-Series facelift

BMW just can not keep a secret their new cars, or in this case, a facelift. Yesterday, we got to see the upcoming 2-Series, and today we have another image showing the improved 5-Series. This car is rumored to be revealed to the world next week, but do not expect to see major changes.

15 de maio de 2013

BMW 5-Series facelift caught in China

In March, we had already seen the facelift of the BMW 5 Series during a photo shoot. A few days ago, the German brand inadvertently revealed the 2014 model in the brand's online configurator, and today a few images appeared from China showing, with a better quality, fresh images of this improved car.

18 de abril de 2013

Suzuki introduces the new SX4 at the Shanghai Motor Show, it's very different from the European version

We already saw the new Suzuki SX4, but for some reason the Japanese company will first release a facelift for the Chinese market. The presentation will take place at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday, but the car is already in its stand and there is absolutely no security, so we already know the look of the car.

7 de abril de 2013

Renault Koleos gets a facelift. Caught testing in China

Most of you probably never heard of the Renault Koleos, also known as the Renault Samsung QM5 in South Korea, but this compact SUV is sold sold in countries like China, India and Russia achieving some success in some of those countries. The current model was introduced in 2011 but as we can see from these pictures taken in China it seems Renault is preparing a facelift for the Koleos.