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26 de agosto de 2013

Peugeot shows the 308 R concept

This is a bit strange, when we all thought that Peugeot was going to show the GTI, they go direct to the top of the range, 308 R. And this is looking promising. Almost all the sheet metal of this red and black car is new, with the exception of the roof and tailgate, and the powertrain is borrowed from the new and very fast RCZ R.

13 de maio de 2013

Official: Here's the 2014 Peugeot 308! [Updated]

Supposedly, the new Peugeot 308 should only be presented tomorrow, but as is usual in such cases, here are the first images of the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf rival. The design is interesting and the exterior distances itself enough from the other models of the brand, but the interior is similar to the 208, with the small steering wheel and the instrument panel placed in a higher position.

11 de maio de 2013

Seems Peugeot will show the new 308 on May 13

A French magazine recently announce on their website they will show firsthand official images of the next generation Peugeot 308, together with a small teaser (not the real deal) that looks a lot like a few images that appeared today on Facebook, revealing a few parts, like the front grille and head lamps, of the Golf and Focus rival.

2 de fevereiro de 2013

Two new renders of the future Peugeot 308

The French magazine Autoplus also revealed in their latest edition two new renders of what the future Peugeot 308 could look like, based on several spy shots that appeared online in recent weeks. The car has some details reminiscent of the Volkswagen Golf, which is a good thing because the German car is the one to follow due to its success.

27 de novembro de 2012

Peugeot 308 II - Renders, plus some info.

Seems the new C-segment car from the french manufacturer will keep the same name as the model it is replacing. The first digit represents the segment of the car with the last pointing to the market segment.