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6 de setembro de 2013

First official image of the Jaguar C-X17 concept

With the presentation scheduled for next week, and a few days after the first teaser, you have here the first official image of the vehicle that previews a future crossover of the British brand. It also serves to introduce the new modular aluminum architecture that will underpin several new models coming from Jaguar.

5 de setembro de 2013

Renault shows us a glimpse of the "Wisdom" concept

Seems that Renault is going to bring a new concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show. This will be the sixth concept based on Renault's Lifecycle design philosophy (Love, Explore, Family, Work, Play, Wisdom), but it should preview a new model. There are two possibilities. This could be the next-generation Laguna or possibly the Espace.

Mercedes teases the S-Class Coupé Concept

With the approach of the Frankfurt Motor Show, more and more news keep coming in. This time it'se Mercedes that decided to first show a few teasers, in the form of design sketches, of the upcoming S-Class Coupé Concept. The successor of the CL will be lighter and as a result will be more fuel efficient.

4 de setembro de 2013

The much anticipated Citroen Cactus was revealed

From what I have seen on forums and message boards, this is one of the most anticipated vehicles that will be seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show. What we have here are the first official pictures of the Cactus, a compact crossover that will rival other vehicles such as the Nissan Juke.

And here you have the Smart Fourjoy Concept

A few hours after the first teaser, pictures of the Smart Fourjoy Concept appeared online. Nothing else is known, but we can see it doesn't have any doors, it's an electric vehicle, it has room for four passengers, and it serves to preview the next-generation family of Smart cars.

Smart teases the Fourjoy concept

Mercedes revealed a sketch on their Facebook page teasing the upcoming presentation of the next-generation Smart small city car. In this image we see a four-seater car with no doors that looks to be an evolution of the Smart Forstars and the Smart Forvision concepts revealed in 2012 and 2011, respectively.

Lexus brings the LF-NX concept to Frankfurt

Seems that the car teased by Lexus isn't the long awaited RC and RC-F, but instead a new compact crossover concept named the LF-NX. This hybrid vehicle wants to rival such cars like the Range Rover Evoque, BMW X13, Audi Q3, and Mercedes GLA, but production isn't confirmed, and if that ever happens, the design needs to be toned down.

3 de setembro de 2013

First official images of the Audi Sport Quattro e-Tron Concept [Updated]

What we have here are the first official pictures of the Audi Sport Quattro Concept that will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The bad news is that, in my opinion, it looked a lot better on those sketches revealed some time ago. We will have to wait for some more information, but for now enjoy these four images.

2 de setembro de 2013

Jaguar teases their first crossover. See the C-X17 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

On the press release, the British car manufacturer said this concept was created to introduce Jaguar's new, highly-advanced, modular aluminum architecture, but i think there's more behind the C-X17. I believe this is the first time we will see how the company's upcoming crossover will look like.

30 de agosto de 2013

Aston Martin DBC Concept made by Samir Sadikhov

Some time ago, i showed you two projects made by, or with the collaboration of, Samir Sadikhov (here and here), and today i have the pleasure to show you his latest project, the Aston Martin DBC Concept. I have to say it looks great! I just hope Aston Martin pays attention and picks up on what was done by Samir and build something very similar.

29 de agosto de 2013

Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE Concept coming to Frankfurt

Peugeot is going to bring many new cars to Frankfurt. The latest new model is the 208 HYbrid FE, a concept car that wants to keep the performance of the regular 208, and improve the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to never before seen values. This is a hard task, but Peugeot believes they managed to do it.

Kia shows the first images of the Niro concept

Three weeks ago, Kia announced that it would present a new concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but it seems they didn't want to wait, so meet the Niro. The Niro is a compact crossover that previews a future production model which is going to rival cars like the Nissan Juke for the top spot on the B segment.

Volvo completely reveals the Coupe Concept

Volvo finally showed the first of three completely new concepts that will serve as a basis for future models of the Swedish brand. This concept also uses the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) which will be premiered with the 2014 Volvo XC90. The objective is give its cars a more premium look and feel.

28 de agosto de 2013

Ford previews the new S-Max at the Frankfurt Motor Show

This new concept, that closely follows the new design direction seen with the new Fiesta and Mondeo, is a long and sleek looking sports activity vehicle (SAV). It features a high mounted grille and swept-back headlamps, which is a clear evolution over the current model. But if you live in the U.S.A., this vehicle should not be sold on that side of the lake.

27 de agosto de 2013

Infiniti Q30 Concept is coming to Frankfurt

Today, Infiniti revealed a little more of the upcoming Q30 concept that is going to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This compact vehicle, that the Japanese company describes as being a mixture between a coupe, a hatchback and a crossover, is ready fight for a spot in the compact car premium segment.

26 de agosto de 2013

Seems the mystery concept was created by Volvo [Video]

At the time, i was undecided whether this concept was made ​​by Citroen/DS or Volvo, but today, Volvo, showed a video with the Head of Design Volvo Car Group, Thomas Ingenlath, that enlightens us. In this video he explains that he wants to transform the design of the Swedish brand, but the interesting parts appears on the 11-second mark, where we can see a new concept, called C Coupe, that will be unveiled soon.

Peugeot shows the 308 R concept

This is a bit strange, when we all thought that Peugeot was going to show the GTI, they go direct to the top of the range, 308 R. And this is looking promising. Almost all the sheet metal of this red and black car is new, with the exception of the roof and tailgate, and the powertrain is borrowed from the new and very fast RCZ R.

23 de agosto de 2013

What company made this car? Mystery Concept inside

A picture of a supposed concept car appeared online on twitter and it got me confused. First, the image is accompanied by a short text which reads as follows: "A surprising makeover from this car brand. We got an early glimpse of their latest offering. What do you think?", meaning this probably isn't made by a independent design company or a student.

BMW joins the eDrive with the xDrive and puts it on the X5

BMW is going to use the Frankfurt Motor Show to show their latest hybrid concept the, the BMW Concept5 X5 eDrive. The German car manufacturer wants to combine the efficiency of a hybrid vehicle with the "driving pleasure taken the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system" and the luxury of the X5.

22 de agosto de 2013

Toyota reveals a little more of the Yaris Hybrid-R concept

Toyota confirms what we already knew. The special hybrid car that is going to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show is based on the Yaris. I am almost certain this car won't be produced, but the technology used in it might find its way into a production model, possibly the new Supra, but that is unknown for now.